Phil Fish Plans to Port "Fez" to Other Platforms in 2013

Polytron also has something exciting planned for the soundtrack

Yes, Fez creator Phil Fish once said Japanese games suck. I only bring this up because if I don't someone else will, so let's just get it out of the way. Regardless of how you feel about Fish's overblown statement, Fez was one of 2012's highlights, and Fish revealed plans to port the puzzling platformer to other platforms in 2013.


From his State of the Polytron post: 


For one, FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms.


Yes, i've heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot i am for not porting FEZ to everything.


Fez was released exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade back in April. In addition to its unspecified multi-platform destinations, Fish also promised "exciting plans" for Disasterpeace's soundtrack, as well as "something about a US branch" for Polytron. 



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