VIDEO: AnimEigo Shares Final Four "Sleepy Eyes of Death" Samurai Film Trailers

Third set of sacrilegious series due February 12th

Once a key player in the North American anime scene, AnimEigo has instead turned to focusing on samurai films. 2013 sees them closing out the long running Sleepy Eyes of Death series. On February 12th, expect four films "jam-packed with scheming officials, devil-worshippers, hidden christians, psychotic royalty, and even two nuns with guns! Oh, and there's a harem too!



Master of the Full Moon Cut

He is a mysterious stranger, the samurai with the strange, sleepy eyes. His mother Japanese; his father a foreigner; he has no past, he wants no future. He calls himself Nemuri Kyoshiro, but those who challenge him face... 

The Sleepy Eyes of Death!

Sleepy Eyes of Death is one of the longest-running (12 films) and best-loved samurai series of all time. Raizo Ichikawa (who sadly died at the age of 37) masterfully portrays Nemuri Kyoshiro, "the son of the Black Mass," a half-breed warrior in search of a perfect death, driven by his disdain for Christianity and for the society in which he lives. Like all of Samurai Cinema's releases, Sleepy Eyes of Death is uncut, unedited, and presented in the original theatrical aspect ratio.



  • One of the most iconic and longest-running samurai film series of all time.
  • The final 4 Kyoshiro Nemuri films starring the incomparable Raizo ICHIKAWA
  • Directed by Kazuo IKEHIRO (9,12), Tokuzo TANAKA (10) and Kimiyoshi YASUDA (11)
    Based on the writings of legendary novelist Renzaburo Shibata.

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Sleepy Eyes of Death 9 : A Trail of Traps

A golden statue and an innocent girl embroil Kyoshiro in a deadly conflict between conniving officials and a murderous cult of devil worshipers. He can depend on his Full Moon Cut to deal with them, but how can it help him when he runs into some murderous Nuns with Guns?



Sleepy Eyes of Death 10 : Hell is a Woman

Two devious retainers are competing to take control of a fief when the current Lord dies, but involving Kyoshiro in the conflict against his will is the textbook example of a bad idea -- especially when the collateral damage starts to tick him off.


Sleepy Eyes of Death 11 : In the Spider's Lair

Two psychotic (and officially dead) children of the Shogun are amusing themselvs by torturing and murdering the peasants who live in a remote rural area. But that's starting to get boring, so when they learn that Kyoshiro is the son of a Black Mass, they decide to have some fun with him...


Sleepy Eyes of Death 12 : Castle Menagerie

Just when you think Kyoshiro's life can't get any stranger, someone starts running around raping and murdering, and leaving notes proudly proclaiming that he did it. Tracking down the real culprit willtake him along a twisted trail that involves the Shogun's harem, hidden christians, and positively pregnant politics!



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