Costume Seller Lists Top 10 Cosplay Outfits of 2012

Hatsune Miku tops list, while Evangelion makes its return

Anime cosplay outfits and accessories seller Cospa has revealed its 10 best-selling ensembles for 2012. Maybe on account of her fifth birthday, Hatsune Miku topped the list at #1, while it's probably thanks to movies that Evangelion's school uniform returned to the list and Kenshin made it on. DBZ fans will be pleased to see that a representative snuck on.


1. Hatsune Miku

2. Steins;Gate's Kurisu Makise 


3. Hyouka girl's uniform

4. Rurouni Kenshin's Himura Kenshin

5. YuruYuri Nanamori Middle School summer uniform

6. K-on! Sakuragaoka High School uniform

7. Dragon Ball Kai Freeza Costume

8. Evangelion Tokyo 3 municipal school uniform

9. D.C. III ~Da Capo III Royal London School of Magic girl's uniform

10. A Certain Magical Index's Tokiwadai Middle School uniform

2011's were

1. K-on'Sakuragaoka Girl's High School


2. A Certain Magical Index's Tokiwadai Middle School uniform


3. Hanasaku Iroha high school winter uniform


4. IS <Infinite Stratos> Girls School Uniform IS

5. Shuffle! National Girls School Uniform summer version

6. YuruYuri Junior Highschool summer uniform

7. Rewrite women's school uniform

8. Mashiro-Iro Symphony - The color of lovers Yuihime Private Academy uniform

9. Macross F ~ Sayonara Sheryl Nome wing Theatrical Pinky Nurse costume

10. Oreimo Kuroneko costume

2010's top 10 were:

1. A Certain Magical Index's Tokiwadai Middle School uniform

2. K-on'Sakuragaoka Girl's High School

3. Amagami SS School Uniform

4. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st St. Alan school uniform

5. Mashiro-Iro Symphony - The color of lovers Yuihime Private Academy uniform

6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Prefectural North High School uniform

7. Tokimeki Memorial 4 Kirameki High school unfirm

8. Evangelion Tokyo 3 municipal school uniform

9. Fortune Arterial Shuchikan Academy uniform

10. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate uniform

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