"Fire Emblem: Awakening" Character Introductions

Meet the stars of Nintendo's upcoming 3DS strategy-RPG

Ever since its initial announcement, we've covered plenty of trailers featuring Fire Emblem: Awakening's story and gameplay. But what about its characters? Y'know, the people that drive the story and make it worth getting invested in? Well, Nintendo has recently been putting up information about the characters on the 3DS Facebook page to build up hype for the game's February 4 release!



The prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King, Chrom leads a band of soldiers called Shepherds to defend the borders of his kingdom.


Chrom’s lieutenant, Frederick. Frederick is a Ylissean knight who is sincere to a fault. He demands tremendous effort from the other Shepherds who fight alongside him to defend the borders of Ylisse.


Chrom’s tomboyish little sister, Lissa, joins the Shepherds and fights alongside her brother to defend Ylisse from Plegian bandits.

It's great to get a heads-up on the main characters, but I'm still wondering how Marth figures into all of this. Are you going to be picking up Fire Emblem: Awakening for your 3DS?


via Siliconera

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