VIDEO: "Did You Know Gaming" Delves Deeper into "Pokémon" Trivia!

Part three of gaming trivia series covers Pokémon's link to Chinese mythology, evil empires and more

Did You Know Gaming is one of the worst places for me to be online when I have things to do. While I'm up-to-date with the gaming trivia image blog, I can easily just end up reading the whole thing from beginning to end (again) because it's just so damn interesting.


DYKG also has a fun and informative video series chronicling random facts from Super Mario Bros., StarFox, and a recent installment on Pokémon! The site has followed up on that popular episode with another dip into the well of Pokémon trivia--check it out!



I don't know about you, but whenever I see Gyarados, I don't see a Chinese dragon... I see Mr. Fish. Did you learn anything new? Sound off in the comments!

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