VIDEO: "DmC: Devil May Cry" CG Trailer Breaks the Bank

Ninja Theory's new Dante punches bad guys right in the moneybags in this new trailer

Dante has always been a very socially-conscious character. When he's not beating the unholy crap out of an army of misshapen monstrosities, he's driving home the importance of traditional values like pizza and getting crazy and flirting with a woman who looks exactly like your mother (ew).


Ninja Theory's rebooted Dante is just as socially aware in this new CG trailer for the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry, teaching kids that soda is bad for them and taking on the biggest (only?) bank in town, which is of course completely run by the minions of whatever uber-demon Dante is fighting this time around.



My only question is, why do so many characters in video games have hoods now? I just finished my replay of Devil May Cry 3, and I'm getting ready to restart Devil May Cry 4 (this I'm not looking forward to) so I can see how DmC: Devil May Cry stacks up when it hits shelves on January 15. Will you be joining the fight?

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