"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" BD-Box to Feature English Dub and Subs

15 disc set to also include Works shorts, movies and Drama CDs

Following days of speculation following the appearance of the first Japanese retailer listings, the complete specifications for the long-rumored and expected Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray boxset have surfaced ahead of its official announcement via Japanese retailers such as Sofmap.


Nia Gurren LagannEven Nia can't take the pricetag seriously


Befitting its hefty ¥63,000/$730 pricetag, the box features 15 discs, 10 Blu-Ray and 5 audio CDs with the following:


10 BDs encompassing all the video features from the series.
27 TV episodes (English Sub/Dub)
2 movies (English Sub)
2 Works features
"Pieces of sweet stars" feature
Picture Drama/Event footage from the event held prior to the movies
DS OVA Episode 5.5
Video extras: Textless OP/ED (both TV/movies), "Youko Goes! A Study of Anime at Gainax" (might be translated differently by Bandai), Opening Day Stage Greetings for movies, Gurren Lagann Inspection, Staff Interviews, and more!
All of this (except the live action footage) has been re-filmed in HD under the supervision of Hiroyuki Imaishi.

The set also comes with 5 CDs:
A newly written story by Kazuki Nakashima
"A Shining Example of a Gurren Lagaan" (drama CD included with the TV series LE DVDs)
"Idiot Men!" (drama CD included with the first movie's LE DVD)
"We're Men!" (drama CD included with the second movie's LE DVD)
Original music from the Works 2 and Pieces of sweet stars features

Everything is packaged in a Atsushi Nigori drawn digipak. This digipack, along with a hardcover archive book (including never before seen initial drawings) and a illustration book (featuring a newly drawn cover by Hiroyuki Imaishi) will be housed in a Yoh Yoshinari drawn box.


Now that we know that the box set will be a complete collection in the literal sense, anyone with the courage to pony up the $730 being asked for the box? I'm hoping Aniplex of America handles this as an official import, that way it can be slightly cheaper.


via @ultimatemegax and Mania

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