Kotobukiya to Release Super-Cute Madoka Kaname “Cu-poche” Figure

To be released in April 2013

The newest Cu-poche figure is Madoka Kaname.


Toy and figure company Kotobukiya will be releasing the second entry in their “Cu-poche” figure series, a stylized reproduction of Madoka Kaname from anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


The Cu-poche series features popular characters rendered in a super-cute, big-headed style. The Madoka figure is fully jointed to allow for posing in any position imaginable, and includes three changeable face plates for a range of emotions. The figure also includes Madoka’s bow and arrows, changeable hand parts for gripping Madoka’s accessories, and a moveable posing arm and stand, as well as a miniature Cu-poche figure of Madoka’s catlike familiar, Kyubey.


The figure retails for 3,990 yen. It will be released in April 2013.


The pocket-sized figure measures 110 millimeters tall.


Side view


Reverse view


The figure features fully articulated joints.


Madoka equipped with her bow and arrow.


The figure includes three changeable face plates for a range of emotions.


Kyubey joins Madoka for even more big-headed cuteness.


Side view


Rear view




Puella Magi Madoka Magica



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