"Streets of Rage 4" Prototype Rejected by Sega Ten Years Ago

Composer Yuzo Koshiro comments on the soundtrack of a new version

Famed game composer Yuzo Koshiro (Actraiser, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi) was in top form at MAGFest this weekend, but it wasn't just his tasty Saturday night DJ set that had everyone at attention. Prior to the show, Destructoid asked him about the possibility of Streets of Rage 4, and Koshiro said Sega rejected a prototype about ten years ago.


It was around that time that Koshiro was contacted about the project, but unfortunately he hasn't heard anything about it since Sega nixed the resulting prototype. As for what the soundtrack for a new Streets of Rage would sound like, Koshiro envisions "modern club music," though different from the trance style he composed for the manga-based Wangan Midnight racing series.



It's too bad we never got Streets of Rage 4! After all, who wouldn't want to hear more bare knuckle brawlin' dance jams from one of gaming's greatest composers? Heck, I'd love to see what Koshiro would have crafted for something like Ruffian Games' Streets of Rage prototype, which was revealed early last month. 



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