“Tiger & Bunny” White Day Cake Up For Preorder Now

Sequel to the Kotetsu Valentine’s Day cake...


The Barnaby White Day cake is the perfect gift for any “Tiger & Bunny” fan.


Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, has begun taking preorders for a White Day cake based on the popular anime series “Tiger & Bunny”.


The cake, titled “Tiger & Bunny White Day Cake from Barnaby”, is the sequel to the previously-announced Kotetsu Valentine’s Day cake. In Japan, White Day falls on March 14th, and is traditionally a day for men to give women romantic gifts.


Like the previous cake based on “Tiger & Bunny” main character Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, the White Day cake is conceived of as a gift from Barnaby Brooks Jr. to his adoring fans. The white sponge cake is made with cream cheese frosting and is topped with raspberry and strawberry sauce to resemble Barnaby’s superhero costume. The cake also includes a miniature figure of Barnaby dressed in a pastry chef’s outfit and holding a tiny replica of the cake.


The cake retails for 3,990 yen. Quantities are limited, and preorders will end when supplies are exhausted. The cake will ship in March 2013.


The cake comes with a miniature figure of Barnaby dressed in a pastry chef’s outfit.


The white sponge cake is topped with cream cheese frosting.


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