VIDEO: 10th Magical Girl Team "Dokidoki! PreCure" TV CMs

Newest PreCure series is slated for February 3rd

One of the surprising things during the 45th episode of Smile PreCure! on Sunday was the first short CM for the next installment of the PreCure series, Dokidoki! PreCure. At the same time, its official site of TV Asahi has also started streaming a longer version of the CM. You can hear a part of the OP song "Happy Go Lucky! Dokidoki! PreCure" sang by Tomoyo Kurosawa and the voice of the main character Cure Heart/Mana Aida for the first time. Dokidoki! PreCure is scheduled to premiere in Japan on February 3rd, 2013.


Dokidoki! PreCure main voice cast

Hitomi Nabatame as Cure Heart/Mana Aida

Minako Kotobuki as Cure Diamond/Rikka Hishikawa

Mai Fuchigami as Cure Rosetta/Alice Yotsuba

Kanako Miyamoto as Cure Sword

Kumiko Nishihara as Charles

Yuka Terasaki as Rachel

Ayaka Ohashi as Lance

Yumi Uchiyama as Davi


15 seconds CM


30 seconds CM


Voice Cast Source: Rakuten Woman


© ABC/Toei Animation

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