Scan Power Levels of... EVERYTHING with "Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission"

Just try not to crush your 3DS in your hand after scanning someone especially powerful

There are two types of games that are absolutely addicting for me in handheld form: strategy-RPGs and card-battle games.



I'm in a support group and everything.


The upcoming 3DS card battler Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission gives you and your friends (or random people) a chance to join the battle against the most awesome scum the universe has ever seen via the 3DS' camera. Using the game's "Scouter" function, you can scan people or objects to gain Zenny and items. If you happen across a person with a high-enough power level, Great Ape Vegeta will show up and challenge you to a battle.



Clint Eastwood lives a couple towns over. I wonder what'll happen if I scan him?


So far, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission is set for a Japan-only release on February 28th. Are you like me, totally in need of a new addiction and hoping this makes its way to North America? Who or what would you scan to try and gain a powerful new fighter?

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