VIDEO: "DmC: Devil May Cry" Extended Trailer/Music Video

Dante kicks ass, takes names, and rocks out in this action-packed new trailer

The more I see of Ninja Theory's upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry, the more I think about the recent Star Trek reboot--old-school fans and haggard purists balked at the reboot, but a much larger group of people got into the franchise in the process... which I think is kind of the point of reboots in the first place.


Unlike the previous CG trailer, this new look at the redesigned Dante shows off gameplay and cutscenes in this trailer/music video featuring "Nothing Helps" by ONE OK ROCK, the image song for the Japanese release.



It's... honestly kinda weird seeing Vergil acting like a normal person and not a cold-blooded lunatic. The demo was all right, but Capcom has a habit of not showing all its cards with demos and saving the best stuff for the actual game. We'll find out whether or not DmC: Devil May Cry lives up to its predecessors when the game arrives on January 15th! Do you think this reboot will feature plenty of fanservice and nods to the original series? Or is it trying to make a clean break and start over? Sound off in the comments!

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