Worldwide PlayStation 3 Shipments Surpass Xbox 360

Even though it was a year behind, Sony picks up on PS3 production as the seventh generation closes up

It's been a long and brutal seventh generation of video game consoles, with the Wii completely kicking the crap out of the much-more-powerful PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of sales and stacks of cash made, if not necessarily in terms of who had the best library. The fight for second place has taken an interesting turn, though, as a  marketing research firm announced that the total numbers of PlayStation 3 systems shipped has surpassed the Xbox 360's numbers.


The PS3 currently has approximately 77 million consoles shipped worldwide, while the 360 is just barely hanging behind at about 76 million. Not bad for systems that released about a year apart! Keep in mind that these numbers are systems shipped, not sold--but it's ridiculous to think that there's some kind of mass overstock and these consoles are going unbought.


Let's see how civil we can keep this: which do you prefer, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? While I like my PS3, I tend to prefer the 360 for stronger online (I play a lot of fighting games), better games to play with groups of friends (Gears of War!), and a more ergonomic controller. Sound off in the comments on which is your favorite!

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