Yoshinori Ono Asks Fans What Games They Want Next

Ono turns to the community for what comes after "Darkstalkers Resurrection"

Yoshinori Ono sure has come far--after the total crapfest that was Capcom Fighting Evolution, he quickly rebounded with the almost universally-acclaimed Street Fighter IV, which kicked off a big resurgence in interest for fighting games.


Of course, not everything can be a bona fide hit, and Street Fighter X Tekken's reception has been everything from "lukewarm" to "poorly-typed Internet rant-worthy," but the ever-cheerful Ono is still looking to the future. While we already know he's interested in reviving the Street Fighter Alpha prequel series, Ono has asked fans and the FGC via Twitter what they'd like to see after his current projects are completed:


"I'll be wondering what to do after making DS Resurrection and SFxTK2013... What kind of title can I do... XO"

Fans have responded with everything from asking for another Darkstalkers to Street Fighter Alpha 4--here is my wish list are some possibilities!




ONE FINAL UPDATE TO STREET FIGHTER IV. Do one final round of very minor tweaks, even if Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012 is one of the most balanced Street Fighter titles to date--seriously, pretty much every character made a showing during last year's competitive circuit. Add in the new faces from Street Fighter X Tekken (Hugo, Rolento, Poison, and Elena), tone down Cammy some (even if I main her), buff Hakan a little, and treat it as the definitive SFIV package before closing up shop and starting work on Street Fighter V.




DARKSTALKERS IV. Striking something of a balance between the more methodical Street Fighter and the lightning-fast chess game of the Vs. titles, Darkstalkers is one franchise that's been sorely missed this generation. The only thing I would ask for is an actual 2D game--I absolutely love the beautiful, almost-2D models for Street Fighter IV, but getting stretchy, deforming playable cartoons (a la Skullgirls) would really work for a new title featuring the Night Warriors.




AN ORIGINAL FIGHTER. Aside from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and the Vs. series which pull from Capcom's entire stable, there are plenty of other Capcom fighters that stand out on their own, even if they're not as lasting or competitively viable. By pulling out all the stops and letting Ono work on a completely original new fighting game, it would give Capcom's fighters a chance to really stand out.


What do you want to see Yoshinori Ono put together? Or are you more excited for what we already know?

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