VIDEO: BABYMETAL Announce Plans to "Conquer the World in 2013"!

New e.p. on sale now

The amazing heavy-metal j-pop idol mash-up trio known as BABYMETAL is BACK…this time with a new English subbed comment video (courtesy of Kawaii girl Japan) earnestly promoting their new e.p. “No More Bullying!" (Japanese title: "Ijime, Dame, Zettai") which is now available on iTunes.


Normally, I don’t give comment videos a lot of play here at Crunchy News, but BABYMETAL’s clips are always something to behold. I continue to be amazed at the crazy stuff that comes out of their mouths, and this time, they’ve a whopper in the form of a bold proclamation to “conquer the world” this year. Girls be ambitious!



The actual PV for "No More Bullying!" was released back in November,  but now seems like as good a time as any to take another look at it in light of BABYMETAL's wall-shaking comments. Enter the mosh pit of chaos below!




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