New Digital Camera Lets You Photograph Yourself with “Madoka Magica” Characters

Retails for nearly US$400


A new digital camera will let photographers insert “Madoka Magica” characters into their photos.


M-ON! Entertainment is currently taking preorders for a digital camera that lets users insert characters from anime series "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" into images.


The camera is the second in a series of “Madoka Magica” products from monthly electronics magazine Digimono Station. The first camera sold out quickly upon going on sale in June 2011.


The upcoming release is a customized Sharp Exilim model that utilizes the camera’s Dynamic Photo feature to digitally insert graphics into photos. The camera is preloaded with over one hundred “Madoka Magica” graphics, including characters Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, and Kyubey, as well as witches Charlotte and Walpurgis Night.


The front of the camera is laser-etched with artwork of Ultimate Madoka, and includes a carrying case and special Kyubey photo clip. In addition, the first 300 orders placed will be accompanied by a large, B1-sized poster.


The camera retails for 34,900 yen, plus 500 yen shipping and handling. It will be released in late March. A limited preorder run of 500 units is available through Catch Bon, Digimono Station’s online store.


The camera contains over one hundred “Madoka Magica” images.


Reenact your favorite scenes from the anime.


The front of the camera is laser-etched with artwork of Ultimate Magica.



The camera includes a Kyubey photo clip.


Catch Bon


Puella Magi Madoka Magica



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