Tokyopop Relaunches Website and Book Plans

Controversial publisher outlines rebuilding plans

While manga publisher and former anime distributor Tokyopop closed its LA office in 2011, the enterprise was never entirely shuttered. In the intervening years, they've made some waves with print on demand offerings of titles like Hetalia, Bizenghast and Psy-Com. And, now, they've relaunched their website, with a pretty qualified plan for reentry into the book business. 


Tokyopop hasn't maintained its older manga and manhwa rights, and there's headwind against Japanese licenses, so new titles or even re-releases of older books aren't in the cards. Instead, Tokyopop will be putting out original English language books and possibly licenses of US properties.


  offers a rundown of Tokyopop's current position and near term plans:

Tokyopop CEO Stu Levy was at Anime LA last weekend, and in the Tokyopop panel (liveblogged here by Mike from Anime Diet) he explained that Tokyopop never actually went bankrupt but instead became a "virtual company." He began rebuilding the company in 2012, and Nerdist is now hosting the website. Levy said that Japanese publishers are "reluctant" to go along with the print-on-demand system, but Gentosha, the publisher of "Hetalia," is the most amenable. Tokyopop published volume 3 of "Hetalia" as POD and is currently negotiating for the rights to volumes 4 and 5.

via The Beat and MTV Geek


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