VIDEO: Megumi Nakajima Sings "Kotoura-San" OP Song

The new comedy anime is now available at Crunchyroll!!

Japanese record label FlyngDog has posted a short version promotional video for popular anime voice actress/singer Megumi Nakajima's 8th single "Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho?" on its official YouTube channel. The song is featured as the OP theme for a 2013 winter TV anime Kotoura-San. The CD single will be released in Japan on January 23rd. The limited version of the VD is bundled with a DVD contains the full version PV of the song and its making footage.


Kotoura-San is now available to Crunchyroll’s audience in the following territories: USA, Canada, South America, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.


"Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho?" short PV


"Kotoura-San" PV


Source: Listen Japan

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