New Square Enix Teaser Site Might be for Classic "Final Fantasy" Re-Release

What could be in store for the January 17th reveal?

I'm not being an old fart when I say that the older Final Fantasy titles are better than the current ones. None of the recent Final Fantasy games have been bad, per se--just disappointing. Yeah, even Final Fantasy XIII with its god-awful pacing, writing, and nonexistent conveyance. Otherwise, the game is gorgeous, and actually kinda fun to play (when it lets you).


That's why after seeing Square Enix's newest teaser site, I'm filled with hope at seeing what are very clearly sprites from one of the two excellent SNES Final Fantasy installments, with a reveal set for January 17th.




The puzzle masters over at Siliconera have identified the Behemoth sprite, and are pretty sure that one of the hero sprites on the right is Butz Bartz, the hero of Final Fantasy V.


Worst-case scenario? It's a mobile game--Square Enix loves 'em because they keep the company in the black. Best-case scenario, though, at least for me? They're finally getting to a portable Final Fantasy V after the excellent DS and PSP remakes of Final Fantasy IV. Maybe a 3DS version?


What do you think this teaser site is for? Or is this going to be like the previous Star Ocean tease, which turned out to be the mobile game Star Galaxy?

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