Japanese "Final Fantasy" Fans Rank the Series' Most Lovely Ladies

Square Enix poll follows up assessment of the franchise's hunks

We got the hot dudes of Final Fantasy out of the way last month, so now it's time for Japanese fans to name the list-topping ladies of the series. Square Enix Japan posted the results of the poll, and you may or may not be surprised at who took the top spot, considering the fact that fans could only vote for one character from Final Fantasy's 25-year history.


And the winning women are…



1. Lightning (FFXIII)

2. Aerith (FFVII)

3. Yuna (FFX)



4. Tifa (FFVII)

5. Celes (FFVI)

6. Terra (FFVI)



7. Serah (FFXIII)

8 (tie). Garnet (FFIX)

8 (tie). Faris (FFV)



10 (tie). Rinoa (FFVIII)

10 (tie). Rydia (FFIV)

12. Selphie (FFVIII)



13. Rikku (FFX)

14 (tie). Beatrix (FFIX)

14 (tie). Yuffie (FFVII)



16. Ashe (FFXII)

17 (tie). Rosa (FFIV)

17 (tie). Eiko (FFIX)

17 (tie). Agrias (FF Tactics)


What do you think of the results, and who would top your personal list?



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