Sock Thief on the Loose in Tokyo!

Four girls have fallen victim to sock-jacking, while a fifth lost her leggings

Remember the golden days when all Japanese schoolgirls had to worry about were tests, giant robots and the occasional esper? Now there’s a new threat in town, and that threat likes socks.


Or, more specifically, he likes worn socks. A man in his thirties or forties, cops say, finds schoolgirls in the Eastern suburb area of Tokyo, knocks them to the ground and steals just one sock. Four girls have fallen victim to this man’s sock-jacking, while a fifth lost her leggings.


k-on! socks


There are only two reasons why a grown man would steal just one sock: either he’s fed up with losing a sock to the dryer, or he’s really, really into feet. The kind of into feet that makes you disregard the little voice in your head that says, “Hey, buddy, this is assault! We could go to jail for this!” Either way, clotheslining teenage girls never solved anything, no matter how badly your socks are in a bunch.


sock puppet anime

Unless you really like sock puppets. 


So what do you think? Is this laundry bandit a menace? 


Source: Weird Asia News 




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