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Football is still taking over for many on this holiday weekend, and while I'm definitely going to be plastered, dead-eyed, in front of a wall of TVs somewhere this afternoon, I realize not everyone gives a crap. Thus we have yet another exciting edition of our weekly news recap! Let us know what stories really hit ya hard this week, or just tell us what you're getting into this weekend in the comments!


Below you'll find a bevy of hot stories, features and video posted throughout the week. But that's not all. We've also compiled a few stories we missed, so be sure to check those out, as well. 


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"Ghost in the Shell - Arise" Anime Slated for 2013

"One Piece Film Z" to Release in 5 Asian Countries Soon

Classic Dante Returns in First "DmC Devil May Cry" Costume Pack

"My Girlfriend is an Alpaca" Visual Novel Offered In English



A Closer, Official Look at "Pokémon X and Y" Starters and Legendaries

Original "Disgaea: Hour of Darkness" Heads to PS3

Shonen Jump Alpha Adds "One-Punch Man" Manga to Lineup

Cartoon Network Programming to be Offered on Netflix Streaming

Good Smile Company Shows Off "Nisemonogatari" Karen Araragi and "Sword Art Online" Asuna Figma

"Ultimate Ninja Storm 3" Collector's Edition Comes with Naruto and Sasuke Statues

The Current Leader of the EVO 2013 Donation Drive is...?

"Fire Emblem: Awakening" 3DS Bundle Can Be Yours for 200 Bucks

Live Action "xxxHOLic" Yuuko Teaser Greets 2013

"I Reluctantly Decided to Find a Job Because I Couldn't Become The Hero" to be Adapted into Anime

Japan Serves Up "Diaper Sushi"!

NIS Sets "Atelier Ayesha" for March 5 in North America

"Fire Emblem: Awakening" Has Japanese and English Voice Tracks

Section23 Announces April Release Slate

XSEED Games to Publish "Pandora's Tower" on Wii this Spring

Hatsune Miku Offers a Weird Way to Keep Warm This Winter

Aksys Sets "Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi" Game for February

"Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" Introduces Quasi-Rival Lumina

The Official Site for Kon Satoshi's Last Film "Dreaming Machine" Has Disappeared

All Hail Queen Laharl-chan From "Disgaea Dimension 2"

Namco Bandai Teams With China's Tencent Games on "Naruto" Online Game

"Lightning Returns: FFXIII" Screens Offer a Better Look at Lumina

Manga's Answer to Rachael Ray Featured in Set of Mini Figures

Japanese "Final Fantasy" Fans Rank the Series' Most Lovely Ladies

An Early Look at "The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Historia"

Sock Thief on the Loose in Tokyo!

Aniplex USA Announces "Nisemonogatari" and "Oreimo" Blu-ray Plans

Evangelion Mark.06 Headphones Coming Soon

Hobby Japan Schedules New "Gurren Lagann" 3D Mouse Pads

"Black Lagoon" Manga Returns!




"Anarchy Reigns" Review

Japanese Fan Artists React to "Pokémon X and Y"

"Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" Review

Fanart Friday, CAPCPOM REVELAITONS Edition

When Magic Girls Go Bad

"DmC: Devil May Cry" Review



JoJo's Bizarre Gucci Store Display

Hatsune Miku Performs with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Additional "Tsukihime" Character Redesigns Revealed

Gaze at "Demon Gaze" RPG's Opening Movie

"Magical Suite Prism Nana" Comiket 83 PV

Cosplay Galore Featured in Kamikazee's "Wo-Oh" PV

"Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin" Anime Trailer

Latest "Dragon Ball Absalon" Fan Animation Fight

Shot For Shot "Toy Story" Live Action Remake Catches Pixar's Attention

"Kamen Rider" Goes "Dynasty Warriors" in New Game

Capcom Confirms "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" for March 19

Spicy PV for "Sweet Devil" Featuring Miku Cosplayer Furumiya Sui

"Fire Emblem: Awakening" Clip Serves as Handy Introduction

Hot Burning Samurai Manliness in the PV for "Sengoku Pachinko CR"

Suda51's "Killer is Dead" Debuts with English-subbed Trailer

"Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus" Trailer Tags in New Modes

"Women Friendly" Chateau GACKT Sake Unveiled



Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 English Screenshots Show Off Dream Mode [Siliconera]

Gravity Falls: Rumble's Revenge is out, is awesome [Destructoid]

Ubisoft Found A Writer For That 'Assassin's Creed' Movie [MTV Multiplayer]

Injustice: Gods Among Us dated for Wii U, 360, and PS3 [Destructoid]

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon hits North America on March 24 [Joystiq]


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