Evangelion Race Queens Photo Book Slated for March Release

"Battle and Daily Life" with a DVD showing the making of the book

Team Evangelion Racing sponsored by the Evangelion production company Studio Khara has competed in the GT300 class of the Japan Super GT racing series and Suzuka 8 hours Endurance Road Race since 2010. Their lovely five Race Queen of 2012 suited up as the Eva characters will release the last photo book titled "Battle and Daily Life". The book will be bundled with a DVD showing the making of the photos. Evangelion Store and Runatown have already started accepting pre-orders for it. The book is sold only by subscription, no reprinting or reissue. The retail price of the 84 pages full-color book is 5,040 yen (about US$56.25) and it will be shipped in the middle of March this year.


Noa Mizutani as Rei

Yuuna Chiba as Asuka

Mana Takatsuka as Mari

Haruna Noro as Shinji

Hana Uneme as Kaworu

Message from Mana Takatsuka


Source: Press Release


© khara

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