VIDEO: Music Video Imagines a Hatsune Miku RPG

And speaking of Miku adventures, her planned guest appearance at the Mitsui Greenland amusement park

In cute new Hatsune Miku music video "Break Time @The Turning Point", the vocaloid, along with Rin and Len, form a party for a bit of RPG questing. In addition to composing the song, producer Sotoriku-P  animated the hypothetical game with the MikuMikuDance tool.



While she hasn't had her own yet, Miku has already appeared in the 7th Dragon 2020 series


Speaking of Miku adventures, the vocaloid will be appearing as a special attraction at the Mitsui Greenland amusement park in Kumamoto Japan this spring with special decoration and goods. 


a Photoshop artist's interpretation , starring Mikudayo.


via reddevils500


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