Nintendo Profiles More "Fire Emblem: Awakening" Characters

Strategy-RPG makes its North American 3DS debut on February 4

Nintendo has been posting a handful of Fire Emblem: Awakening character introductions via the 3DS Facebook page recently, and we relayed some of them earlier this month. Now it's time to catch up and see who else we can look forward to meeting when the strategy-RPG hits 3DS on February 4.


Stahl is a Shepherd with a big heart and a good head on his shoulders. He is very attentive and kind to others.


Vaike is a Shepherd who considers himself Chrom’s rival, Vaike has a loud personality and more confidence than his ability warrants.


Miriel is a Shepherd who adores her research and obsesses over her studies. She’s quiet and organized but can be tough towards people who are careless.


Kellam is a Shepherd whose infamous lack of presence makes him seem invisible to others.



Sumia is a klutzy Shepherd with a lack of self-worth. She has a talent for working with animals.


Lon’qu is a swordsman raised in Regna Ferox. He’s usually cool and curt with most people.


A villager from a remote corner of Ylisse, Donnel came to the fight with just his farming experience but he is eager to learn and shows a great deal of promise.


Hopefully some of you have had a chance to give the recently released demo a spin. 



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