VIDEO: Japanese Maid Robot Dances AKB48's "Heavy Rotation" in Full Motion

"Pre-maid Me," the most vigorous dancing maid robot in the world

Pre-maid Me is a custom robot built by a 41-year-old Japanese robot developer Dr. GIY who lives in Saitama. The 52 cm tall maid robot has 27 servo motors for her actuators and is capable of pretty dance movements. Dr. GIY posted a new video titled "The most vigorous dancing maid robot in the world" showing Me's dance with AKB 48's hit song "Heavy Rotation" on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube this month. The video has been viewed more than 80,000 times on Nico Nico so far.


Me dances "Heavy Rotation"



Me's 1st dance video in May 2012


Source: Netlabo

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