Try Out "Etrian Odyssey IV" with a Demo on February 7

Dungeon-crawling 3DS RPG arrives on February 26

Much like Fire Emblem: Awakening, those who want to try out Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan can do so with an upcoming demo. The downloadable slice of dungeon-crawling RPG will be available to grab from Nintendo's eShop on February 7.


According to Atlus, the demo lets players check out the opening gameplay areas, including the introduction, initial Old Forest Mine mini-dungeon, the first skyship area through the Windy Plains, and parts of the first main dungeon in the Lush Woodlands. Sidequests are available in the main dungeon, and players will have access to the complete set of equipment, skills, and classes available in that part of the game. 


Best of all, progress made in the demo can be transferred to the full retail version, which hits stores and the eShop on February 26. 


If you missed any of the class introduction videos, so far Atlus has released clips showing off the Landsknecht, Medic, Fortress, and Dancer classes.  



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