Research: 23% of Japanese Male Otaku Choose 2D Girlfriends

"I have never dated a real girl", "2D girls are closest to my ideal type"

In commemoration of the release of the Senki Zesshou Symphogear character app for iPhone and iPad, Japanese toy/game/movie company Happinet had conducted an internet research on Japanese male otaku between the ages of 20 and 49 from December 14th to 17th, 2012. The result was posted on January 23rd. Interestingly, 23.0% of 500 male otaku chose "2D" to the following question: "Which is your favorite kind of girl, 2D, 2.5D, or 3D?" 9.6% chose 2.5D, and 65.8% chose 3D. "2.5D" means mainly voice actresses, also includes 3D CG characters or character figures. Check the whole result below. What do you think the result and what are your answers?



Q1. "Do you think that you are an 'otaku'?"


    "Definitely I am an otaku"... 8.1%

    "A kind of otaku"... 24.1%

    "If I had to say, I am"... 22.1%

    "I don't think I am. (only a fan)"... 45.7 %


Q2. "Which genre of otaku are you?"


  1. anime...41.5%

  2. manga...31.5%

  3. game...28.6%

  4. railway/train...12.7%

  5. idols...10.8%

  6. figures...5.7%

  7. doujinshi...4.5%

  8. cosplay...3.2%



Q3. "Which is your favorite kind of girl, 2D, 2,5D, or 3D?"



   "I have never dated a real girl" (32 year old)

   "I don't like the real people" (43)

   "I think 2D girls are closest to my ideal type" (21)

   "They never get old and deteriorated" (40)

   "No real girls cares for me" (35)



   "I like both their voice works and meeting with them at the real events" (35)

   "I like their personalities in the radio programs" (36)

   "2D is not entirely satisfactory and 3D is too vivid for me" (41)

   "It's something between imagination and reality" (26)  


   "I have different kinds of feeling for girls in anime and reality" (31)

   "I am so-called 'reajyu' (person who is satisfied with his real/off-line life)" (45)

   "2D is only 2D. I find my love interests in the 3D/real world" (36)

   "I can spend same time and same experiences with a real girl" (23)


Q4. "Have you come out as otaku to the people around you?"


   "I have. I'm not hiding it at all"...24.2%

   "I tell only when I asked"...51.8%

   "Only to my close friends"...12.2%



Source: Press Release


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