ClariS to Perform OP for “Oreimo” Season Two

Girl duo’s new single, “ Reunion,” will go on sale April 17th.

Season two of Oreimo is shaping up to be everything fans of the show would want out of another season. And here’s one more piece in place - ClariS is coming back to perform the OP.


oreimo season 2


The announcement came via HMV’s twitter account, stating the song is called “Reunion” and will be available for download April 17th. Season two is set to premier in April.


oreimo season 2


“Reunion” reunites Kirino, Kuroneko and Kyosuke with the ultra-adorable girl duo, whose catchy “Irony” served as the OP for season one.


ClariS Oreimo


Did you love “Irony?” Are you excited for “Reunion?”


Source: Twitter




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