VIDEO: Japanese Idols Get Sweet and Sticky in the PV for "Chocolat Love"

New single by Band Ja Naimon! out on Feb/6

Band Ja Naimon! (the name means, "this is not a band") are not exactly like other Japanese idols...


The fact that these two girls --  Misako (black hair) and Kachan (brown hair) -- get down and sweaty during live performances while pounding out a wild beat on twin drum kits immediately sets them apart from dozens of other acts now working the circuit.



Having seen Band Ja Naimon! perform once before at a club event, I thought they were a joke, but lo and behold, the girls are signed to Warner Music Japan (home of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) and have a new single on Feb/6 with the song “Chocolat Love”.


The PV below is quite a doozy, complete with envelope pushing yuri antics, "megane moe" galore, licking inanimate objects, and a whole lotta sticky sweet Hershey's Chocolate Syrup everywhere. It’s almost as if they are anxious to make an impression! 



About the only thing the video doesn’t play up is Band Ja Naimon’s  goofy idol twin drummer gimmick, so I’ve attached a live video of the gals performing “Chocolat Love” below. Enviormentalists take note: No chocolate syrup was harmed during the making of this clip!




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