Pentax Japan Announces "Evangelion" Themed Cameras

New variant of Q10 interchangeable lens camera limited to 1,500 units each of 3 variants

Evangelion fans are known for being some of the most devoted fans of the franchise and the years of alternative merchandising reflect that, with Gainax using the property to sell everything from eyeglasses and eyedrops to photobooks. 


Now, Japanese optics and photography company Pentax is set to step into the world of Eva-branded products with Eva branded versions of its Q10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, announced earlier today. The camera series features familiar Evangelion color schemes and is limited to 1,500 units of each color variant, but is otherwise the same camera in terms of features and specifications as a standard Q10, with the bonus that the start-up screen for the camera flashes the NERV logo.


Pentax Q10 Evangelion version 
Q10 Unit 01
Unit-01 Pentax Q10
Q10 Rei
Rei Type-00 Pentax Q10
Evangelion Q10 start up
NERV Start-Up screen on Unit-01 Q10
Q10 Asuka version
Asuka Type-02 Q10


The camera series will be released in April as a Japanese exclusive for a to be determined price and will be shown off to the press this weekend at the CP+ photography trade show in Yokohama, Japan. If you had the chance to buy any of these cameras, would you buy one, and which one would you buy?


via Akihabara News 

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