Japan To Broadcast 4K Ultra HD in 2014

Meanwhile, work continues on 8K!

You think 2 million pixels -- the current standard for HD TV – looks pretty sharp? Well, 4K HD TV, which the consumer electronics industry is pitching as “the next big thing”, promises eye candy to the tune of 8 million pixels.


Prepare to spend the rest of your life standing around, counting pixels


Meanwhile, today’s “Made in Japan” HD TV sets are not exactly flying off the shelves like they used to, and Japanese electronics companies like Sony and Toshiba have taken a beating from Korean manufacturers like Samsung and LG.


You MUST buy a 4K TV, or else this guy goes home alone...


All of which makes Japan more than a little anxious to become the world leader in 4K HD TV before others can stake a claim.


Japan’s governmental Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is now putting money and resources behind 4K broadcasts via satellite in 2014, two full years ahead of their original schedule, and the fun is set to kick off with a planned 4K broadcast of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


If the gamble pays off, Japan could become the first country in the world to offer 4K broadcasts, any hopefully we’d get some ultra mega high rez anime, games, and Sentai shows as part of the deal.


Now the bad news… Sony and other makers have priced the first generation of 4K HD TV sets at about US$25,000! And meanwhile, busy beavers are already working on 8K technology (!!!) which will offer 16 times the resolution of today’s HD sets...



Start saving your pennies now. Or just hold onto them until the next big thing rolls around.



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