Soundtrack to Fan-Made "Chrono Trigger" Sequel Lands on Bandcamp

The game may have been cancelled, but the music lives on

A few years ago some diligent folks were hard at work on Chrono Ark, a fan-made sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. The game was never completed for various reasons, but it's not entirely dead. Chrono Ark lives on in its soundtrack, which composer Alex Roe uploaded to Bandcamp today


The full 100-track album is available to download at the above link for however much, or however little, you feel like paying. Here's a sample: 




Alex describes the story of Chrono Ark:


Chrono Ark was a story following a new cast of characters and a new protagonist, Arc. After a prologue that shows Crono and Marle during the events of the Guardia War and their fates uncertain, the game begins as Arc in his hometown of Choras. As Arc journeys with Maia to find his "sister" Lucca, they encounter the group Terra Eventus that wish to cleanse the world with the awakening of Lavos. They terrorize time with their goals but are fought against by the Time Protection Unit, a group that try to stop time intervention. This encounter causes Arc and Maia to become split in different time periods. Meeting new faces and characters from the Chrono games, they ultimately try to get back together. But their lives are changed when they discover what happens to time when it is changed, and inevitably try to stop a being known as Protovos. 


As a bonus, here's a cover of one of the tracks, performed by the always amazing Shnabubula:




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