BETA Monster from "Total Eclipse" Anime Becomes a Scary Hoodie

BETA hoodie owners to gather for an event in the future

Muv-Luv alternative anime side story Total Eclipse adds a line of interesting apparel to their franchise. An apparel adaptation of the scary "BETA" monster turned out to be a somewhat lovable hoodie and fans are all over it.


Original designs for BETA Tank-class (red) and Soldier-class (white) from Muv-Luv Wiki:



Who would have thought those grotesque creatures can turn out to be so adorable as hoodies?



The show's Executive Producer, Kouki Yoshimune, had a dream of filling Budokan with BETA. When that dream met Bamboo, the super-creative front-man of the band Milktub, who also heads "STUDIO696," this crazy project of "making BETA wearable for people to become one" was started.




A happy owner with his Itasha.


These hoodies were only available to those who reserved them during pre-order for approx. $160-$200USD. (Sorry, no international shipping.) The designer, Bamboo, alerts customers to wear with caution since there is a strong possibility of being stopped by police on public streets since he was stopped for questioning when he wore this hoodie. As an added plus, owners report the white hoodie is very comfortable to sleep in with built-in pillow.


For more photos of the hoodies on real people :


Now owners of these hoodies are invited to join a photo session at Budokan on 2/11/2013 to make the dream come true for the executive producer. It will be held just outside of Budokan at the Southwest stairs, appropriately.




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