"Ni no Kuni" Draggle Familiar Heads to North America as Free DLC

Namco Bandai offers up a new addition to your party on February 12

You may very well be enjoying Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch as you read this, so here's some good news for folks who are playing, or plan on playing, the Level-5/Studio Ghibli RPG. Namco Bandai is offering a new addition to parties in the form of a Draggle familiar, which will be available in North America for free on February 12.



European players already received Draggle alongside Golden Hurly, but we're just getting the former here. Check out the official description from Draggle's very own page:


This domesticated dragon is a favorite family pet for its downright adorable eyes. This pampered little fellow never has to hunt for itself, but owners should be aware that it can morph into a dragette, and then either a dragamuffin or bedraggle, and that it can use Phantom Fangs or Hot Huff to defend itself.


To celebrate, Namco Bandai also released a new Ni no Kuni trailer:




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