VIDEO: "Metal Gear Rising" Clips Work on Honing Your Parry Skills

Platinum Games wants to help you prepare for February 19 release

Maybe you've played the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo a few times, and maybe that whole parrying thing just hasn't clicked yet. That's where the fine folks at developer Platinum Games come in, with an attempt to help you hone that skill over at their blog.  


Game designer Takahisa Taura provides some handy tips, with videos accompanying an explanation of the basics. Parrying is executed by facing the direction of an attack and striking at the same time as your opponent, allowing Raiden to cut away, as you'll see below.



Some enemies are more skilled, however, and can parry back and forth with Raiden.



Then the parrying madness really begins:



There's plenty more information over at Platinum's blog post, as well as some more videos, so head on over and get ready for Metal Gear Rising, which arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on February 19. A European release follows on February 21, and Revengeance hits the UK on February 22. 


Via Siliconera



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