Trend: Anime Official Sites Get Seasonal Makeover

Who will dare to follow Blue Exorcist's official site makeover next?

To keep the interest of the fans, anime official sites have seasonal special features from time to time. But recently, more and more sites are doing a complete makeover for a day or two and some are pretty out there (namely, Blue Exorcist). Here are some examples since this year started.


January: Blue Exorcist gets hilarious New Year makeover on the series' movie site.



New Year's Day special, Jigoku no Misawa version.


This image was featured on the site 4 days after the movie opened in theaters as a special New Year makeover.


青の祓魔師」劇場版メインビジュアル (C)加藤和恵 / 集英社 (C)加藤和恵 / 集英社・「青の祓魔師」劇場版製作委員会 2012

This is the regular version that you will see if you visit the site now.


Blue Exorcist has already collaborated with Jugoku No Misawa back in April Fool's Day in 2012 and it was quite outrageous.




The Japanese text on each illustration is nothing but character's lines from the manga / anime, but when combined with Jigoku No Misawa illustration, they become absolutely hilarious.





February: Although not as outrageous as Blue Exorcist, Senran Kagura has joined the trend by playing with the main character's favorite food, Futo Maki. This sexy makeover is only available on February 3rd, Japan time.




It seems like the characters of this anime like to hide things between their breasts and it only makes sense that Asuka has her favorite food in there as well.

Futo Maki is a kind of rolled sushi that contains different ingredients to make it thick. The same sushi is also called Ehou Maki around Setsubun, the Bean Throwing Festival on February, 3rd. People eat uncut Ehou maki, or Futo maki in silence facing toward the lucky compass direction to make their wishes come true. The lucky compass direction of the year is determined by the zodiac every year.  If you would like to try it yourself, the direction this year is south-southeast.




Grandpa's Ehou maki is made with eggs, Shiitake mushroom, kanpyo imitation crab, cucumber and salmon.

Senran Kagura Official Twitter



Karaoke entertainment space Pasera in Akihabara is also offering a Senran Kagura-themed special menu until February 9th. You can see Grampa's Ehou Maki in the menu there as well.


One has to wonder what anyone has planned for Valentine's Day coming up shortly. I will keep an eye for it if there is any activity.

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