VIDEO: Watch Hello Kitty Get Launched Into Space

Seventh grade science class sends Hello Kitty 25 up; films it on a GoPro

25 miles up may not technically be space, but looking at this video, you kind of forget that.


Melody Green and her seventh grade classmates at Cornerstone Christian School took a GoPro camera (or four), a Styrofoam cooler, a weather balloon and the Hello Kitty doll her father brought her from a trip to Japan (sitting pretty inside a homemade silver rocket) and made what will surely be middle school history by launching it as far up as it could go. The project? The effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature.



hello kitty in space


The balloon/rocket contraption makes it 25 miles up, in an area between the troposphere and the stratosphere, called the tropopause. She provides commentary for all of the phases of Hello Kitty’s journey in the video. Have a look.




If you’re curious, Hello Kitty landed 47 miles from where she was launched.


Source: Daily News


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