Cuticle Loving Detective Inaba Collaborates with a Hair Salon

"Cuticle Normalize Incident" is in progress!

How many of you are enjoying the somewhat odd but very entertaining Cuticle Detective Inaba anime this season?






The main character, Inaba Hiroshi, voiced by none other than Suwabe Junichi, LOVES hair, just as the title suggests. Hiroshi loves it in the way that he is professional at it as he is portrayed to work on some hair in the show quite a few times. So what happens next? A collaboration with a hair salon in Ikebukuro to rescue your precious cuticles!



During the collaboration period, the salon is decorated with Inaba characters as well as having the manga available for customers to read while their cuticles are normalized. I would personally worry about receiving a haircut while reading the manga because you can not help but laugh out loud!


While checking out the salon's website, I was hoping to see hair stylists in wolf ears and a collar just like Hiroshi, but unfortunately, I could not find them. You never know until you actually visit the salon, though; maybe they are in wolf ears and your tea may be served in a rice cooker, just like Ogi gets his tea at Hiroshi's office!




You receive this special Inaba Thank You card with a free shampoo and conditioner set in mini bottles if you reserve the Inaba special menu listed on the official website. The promotion is on until the end of February.


Source: Otalab

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