Citizens of Okuizumo Put Off by Michelangelo’s David’s Nudity

Townspeople complain replica statue needs underwear

In an effort to endow his town with a bit of culture, a resident of the town of Okuizumo donated two replica statues for display - the Venus de Milo and Michelangelo’s David. Seems like a lovely gesture, doesn’t it? Sadly, some of the townspeople disagree.




It seems the statue is located in a rather public park, where school kids ranging from young children to high school teens pass by frequently, and some of them are "scared" and "intimidated" by David. To be more precise, they are put off by his exposed junk. Those offended complain that David’s Admiral Winky is downright inappropriate, while others think his dangly bits simply need to be covered up with some underwear.


I like that last suggestion. I have suggestions of my own.


madoka magica underwear


jojo's bizarre adventure


Would you put underwear on David?


Source: esuteru


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