"Evangelion" Leggings Show Designer Tights Becoming More Popular

An Eva Angel "down there," that's something new, no?

How do you like your legs? Socks, leggings, or tights? There are more daring designs available and they are creating a buzz.


Gadget Tsushin reports on new designer tights called "abilletage corset tights," by a Japanese corset brand called abilletage, while saying that this is perhaps the Age of Tights War.










While corset design tights would look amazing with Gothic Lolita dress, there are anime themed tights as well. You must have seen recently popular tattoo tights with anime themes, but this one by a Japanese designer's brand, FUGAHUM's collaboration with EVANGELION is very artistic.





Carefully designed tights will place an EVA face right at your crotch. This will give a new meaning to "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours."


Online store





Fake thigh-high tights that create the illusion of Zettairyoiki with no hassle of gluing the socks to your thighs are becoming popular, although some hardcore ZR fans call it cheating. I wonder what Nobara of Inu X Boku Secret Service would say; is this "Yes, MANIAC"?



Something more bizarre, Melting Tights from URB in Germany. They have tights for the boys, too.


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