VIDEO: "Irotoridori", the New PV by Yuzu

Probably the most colorful thing you will see all day

Pop duo Yuzu are former Japanese street musicians who have been active in charts since the late ‘90s. Most recently, they’ve supplied the third ending theme for Hunter x Hunter, “Reason”. Now, with the release of their music video for their new song "Irotoridori", which doubles as the CM song for learning school u-can, they’ve delivered one of the most colorful and eye popping Japanese music videos in recent memory. Which makes sense I guess, since "irotoridori" means "colorful" in Japnese... Get an eyeful below!



As part of the song's push, there's even a "Irotoridori" augmented reality app. Hold your phone camera up to the CD jacket, and Yuzu will pop up and magicially entertain you with their singin' and dancin'!




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