"Dokidoki! PreCure" Decoration Cakes for Your Special Day

PreCure makes your memorial day more special!

As per every year, Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai has started taking pre-orders for "Charadeco Special Day Dokidoki! PreCure," character decorated cakes featuring the newest PreCure TV series DokiDoki! PreCure which began airing in Japan two days ago on February 3rd. There are two types of cakes, one with whipped cream and one with chocolate cream. Each cake comes with a mirror ornament featuring Cure Heart, and a box illustrated with the Dokidoki! girls. The price of the cake is 3,150 yen (about US$34.17). Celebrate your special day with the PreCure cake!



Whipped cream cake



Chocolate cream cake


"Cure Heart" mirror ornament


Box for the cakes


Source: Press release


© ABC/Toei Animation

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