"Ixion Saga DT" is Trying To Contaminate The Internet with DT

Gracious Princess Ecarlate offers you many gifts...more than you think

The St. Piria empire is conspiring to contaminate the internet with DT icons. To celebrate the release of the third volume of the DVD and Blu-ray, the Ixion Saga DT anime's official site has a special page that offers 205 Twitter icons.



Princess Ecarlate urges you to make a use of all 205 icons by changing it everyday while apologizing for not being able to offer 365 icons. All 205 of them, here:



The official site is guilty of offering 169 Twitter icons as a thank you for getting 10,000 followers for the official Twitter account.



CRAZY. But yet, SO FUNNY, just like its anime.


Other than the Twitter icon gifting page, the site features many interesting activities. For example, you can join Incognito by entering your name here and DT will tell you what your role will be. Mine was being a right hand man of KT.



You can join Kon's party, too! Princess Ecarlate will tell you what your role will be in their party. I was assigned to be Mariandale's underling. I can live with that :D



© CAPCOM / Ixion Saga DT Partners

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