"TIGER&BUNNY" Movie DVD & Blu-Ray Update

Getting the best use of their corporate sponsorship for a real marketing campaign

The corporate sponsored hero tale was what attracted many adult fans to Tiger & Bunny and now they are getting the best use out of that set up. Unique and exclusive additions to their first movie DVD/BD package which will be released on February 22nd, 2013. TIGER&BUNNY -The Beginning- was premered in the US on September 29th, 2012. Below, the first images of the packaging.




Limited First Edition DVD / BD packaging





Regular packaging



On top of everything that comes with Limited First Edition, each sponsors has different bonus items to lure fans into their site to pre-proder. It's harsh on our bank accounts, but I have to admit, it's a very exciting promotion.


Barnaby Brooks Jr. sponsored by Amazon.co.jp



If you reserve your copy at Amazon, you get an Amazon JP exclusive steel book case. I personally do not know what this is, it looks like a steel case for the disk. Fans may want more Bunny related stuff, but Amazon seems to focus on keeping the total amount the lowest among competition.


For fans who want more Barnaby focused item, Amazon also offers Barnaby's Birthday Figure Set.




Fire Emblem sponsored by Animate



Priced slightly higher than the Amazon package, Animate's package comes with the Animate exclusive drama CD, "Nathan's Fire Room Radio". The CD is a collection of mini segments in his own radio show by Nathan Seymour's voice actor, Tsuda Kenjiro with other voice actors as guests (Jake's voice actor, Fujiwara Keiji was one of the past guests, for example). With some new segments never before available on the web radio show, this will be a great choice for fans of other characters in T&B. UROBOROS FOREVER!!


Origami Cyclone sponsored by Bandai Visual Club



Origami is not a high-ranking hero, but he has some hard core fans and BVC knows it. BVC's package comes with Ivan's personal items! When it was first announced without any details of what those personal items were, a lot of speculation was tweeted around, but here are the three items that come with the package. Even though this set is priced the highest, it seems like it's got a total hold on Origami fans' heart.


1. Ivan's Japanese tea cup, a complete replica of what he had in the show


2. Ivan's ID badge at Helperidese Finance Inc.


3. Ivan's Memorial King size postcard (Random 1 out of 3 designs)


Unfortunately, pre-order was closed on January 15th.


So which corporate sponsor do you think did the best job of their respective packaging and bonus items?

TIGER&BUNNY's second movie, TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising- will feature all new story and is set to premere in this fall in Japan.

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