"Girls Und Panzer" Valentine's Day Carnival In Akihabara

It's not real chocolate, but it's a chocolate gift for V-DAY from the Garupan girls!

Girls Und Panzer will have a promotional event,"Girls Und Panzer Valentine Carnival" in Akihabara on Valentine's Day, according to the official blog.


On Valentine's Day, cosplayers dressed as Garupan characters (hopefully females) will distribute chocolate shaped fliers to fans in front of AKIHABARA Gamers and Animate Akihabara. The special promotional cards come in 2 different designs seen below.




Tanks on the chocolate!






With two more episodes left in the series, the show has had many other events held simultaneously. The show has been holding and planning many "Carnivals" up to a total of 17 of them so far.


(c) GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

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