"PSYCHO-PASS" Live Action Game At Toshimaen Amusement Park

Be the enforcer to capture a latent criminal on the loose in the amusement park in a new game

Toshimaen, a Japanese amusement park that is famous for their collaboration with Tokusatsu hero shows is hosting a live action game where participants solve a mystery as the show's Enforcers from Psycho-Pass.



The game plot goes like this and resembles a running plot line in the series: An unusually high area stress level was observed at Toshimaen. You are a rookie Enforcer who is put on this mysterious case. Your mission is to solve the problems left in the park to get to the bottom of the mystery....will you be able to avoid numerous traps set before to capture the criminal on the loose?




Unfortunately, it doesn't look like participants are supplied with Dominators, the gun-shaped judging device of Sybil system in PSYCHO-PASS (and not having it for the game will reduce about 80% of motivation to do this), but participants should be able to solve problems without the Dominator as you see below.



Q1. is a Kanji puzzle as you see

Q2. Where is Inspector Tsunemori from?

Q3. What is the name of a portable psycho-pass analysis and suppression enforcement system? It's the same nick name as the old American military air-bomber, "B-32".



Here are prizes for completing each mission. Plus, all the mission will be given by Inspector Ginoza and Inspector Tsunemori, which is an exclusive content only available at this event. That should help people enjoy the event without Dominator.


Special postcard


Official Promotional Poster

(c) サイコパス製作委員会

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