VIDEO: Japanese Idol Helps to "Defeat the Pollen Devil"!

Today's Japanese word is..." kanfun”

If you’ve ever experienced tree pollen allergy season in Japan, you’ll know what a miserable experience it can be: months and months of sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, running nose, cough, having to wear a mask that covers your face, etc!


Thank goodness for child celebrity Kanon Nonomura, who now aims to “Defeat the Pollen Devil!” with a song and video promoting a new book about fighting allergies using spiritual exercises called “Kanfun Killer”.


“Kanfun” means pollen in Japanese, which is why Kanon keeps shouting it over and over while the world is laid to waste by a goofy guy in yellow tights. Watch below if you don't believe me!



The CD / DVD of “Defeat the Pollen Devil!” -- which marks Kanon’s debut as an idol singer and drummer (what is it with all the drumming idols these days?), goes on sale on 4/20 in Japan smack dab in the middle of allergy season. Let’s hope it can change the tide and save us all from some guy in yellow tights.



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