More "STAR DRIVER the Movie" Collaborations!

Kiraboshi!!!!! At Pasera Resorts this time!

Count down to the movie premiere! STAR DRIVER the Movie and Karaoke Pasera Resorts collaborate for special Star Driver menus.



(From left) Kiraboshi Salad and Sugata & Takuto's Curry. I wonder where the whole onion is in the curry?




(From left) Tauburn cocktail with double straws as Star Sword, Emeraude and Saphir, The King's Pillar cocktail and "Star Driver" Honey Toast Box.




The Above special menu is available at 5 locations of Pasera. Each order of the special menu will come with an original button with the movie's design. The promotion ends on March 10th.


And now, the very important message from Ito san, the character designer of Star Driver at animation house, BONES:


"STAR DRIVER the Movie premieres February 9th!! Get 2 postcards when you come to the theater. Hope to see you at the big screen. KIRABOSHI!"

Ito san's Twitter



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